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The Best Teacher Gifts

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the school year! I am so ready for the relaxing and schedule free days of summer. Also, I’m so over making lunches! I can’t be the only one right?

Teachers pour into your child all year long and showing appreciation is a kind gesture that they will love.

I’ve gathered up all my favorite gift ideas for you today and am excited to share them with you!


Amazon gift cards are a great gift for anybody really. A teacher can use this to re-stock their classroom or treat themselves!

Best Teacher Ever key chain

Make your child’s teacher feel the love with this Best Teacher Ever key chain. This is adorable and budget friendly.

Grace and Good Eats

Every teacher I know loves a sweet treat when it’s been a chaotic day! This printable is perfect to give them thanks. Just make sure they don’t have any food allergies first.

Cincy Shopper

A creative and DIY pencil case to give to your favorite teacher and it’s budget friendly!

Modern Mom Life

I absolutely adore this name plate! It’s DIY and can be displayed on their desk for years to come!

Teaching is my jam

This beautiful shirt is perfect for teachers! I love the color, too!

I’m so lucky to know so many wonderful teachers. I am on the PTA at our school and it’s been wonderful to build relationships with them. Let’s show them a little love with some awesome gifts!

What have been the best gifts you’ve given to your child’s teacher?

Product Reviews

My Honest Review of Yoga Club

There are hundreds of different kinds of subscription boxes; something for everyone, right? I stumbled upon Yoga Club from an ad and it was perfect for me! High end workout clothes that someone else picks out for me. I’m a busy mom of three active boys and I don’t always take the time to go shopping for myself, you feel me, right? When this popped up I had to try it out.

When you sign up the first thing you do is take a style quiz. The quiz will ask your sizes, what colors you like, what styles and designs you like. There are several questions so they can figure out what you would love to show up on your doorstep.

You can also customize your box to your budget! You can pick how many pieces you want; I chose three pieces because I wanted a full outfit. You also pick how often you want to receive your box- once per month, every other month, or quarterly. I chose every other month.

So, what’s in my box this month?

I got a sports bra in size large made by MPG, a tank top in size medium made by Glyder, and leggings in size 7/8 made by Glyder. That’s $168 in retail value! But, the box costs nowhere near that! You can get it for $79 (or even cheaper. I’ll tell you how below).

I tried everything on and actually it all fit really well and is super comfortable. But, if you don’t like something you can return it or join their Facebook group where you can buy/sell/trade with other Yoga Club members.

So, you get high end workout gear for about half off, which is already amazing, but I did mention that you can get it cheaper. They have a referral program. You can send your friends your referral link so they can get $10 off their box and lower the price of your box. You can do that all the way down to $19 per month! What?! Yes, you can get your price to only $19 per month if you get enough of your friends to sign up! I’ll post a link below so you can get a discount on your box!

Overall, I’m totally impressed with Yoga Club. I love that I got a coordinated, cute outfit sent to my door. I will definitely keep up with this subscription box!

You can watch my unboxing video here. You can also use my referral link to get your box for $69 Discount Yoga Club Box.

Do you have any subscription boxes? What are you favorites?

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So Bomb DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb Fun

Jacob got a very cute DIY bath bomb kit for Easter and, well, we’re just now doing it. It’s baseball season and with that comes crazy schedules! I loved that this kit (made by So Bomb DIY) came with everything you needed, you just need to add water.

I gathered up two of my boys, Jacob and Jordan, and we got to work. The kit came with easy to follow instructions and it really didn’t take very long to get everything mixed together. It also comes with a surprise toy to put in the center of the mold.

Once everything was mixed I put it in the unicorn mold.

The instructions say to let it set for at least two hours; we waited until the next day before Jacob used it in his bath. This kid loves bath bombs and unicorns and I’m going to hold onto that for as long as I can. Sometimes it gets a little lonely being the only girl in the house! 😉 Once the bath bomb dissolved, Jacob found the toy- a purple mermaid!

This was such a fun and easy, (plus cheap!) craft to do with the kids! You can also the video of us putting everything together HERE. What are some of your favorite crafts or DIY’s to do with your family?

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Easy Way To Earn Cash Back

Hey friends! I wanted share a super easy way to earn cash back on online purchases. It’s called Ebates. I’ve used Ebates for years and it’s been great. I find I use it most during the holiday seasons;I have three boys so, I do a lot of looking online to find the best deals.

Here’s how it works. You can create an Ebates account here Ebates. Once you’ve created an account you’re ready to go. Next time you’re ready to do some online shopping just use the Ebates website or app and search for the store you want to check out. Ebates will tell you what percentage cash back you will get back. For example, Ulta is double cash back today and it’s 8%!

You can choose how to receive your cash back. You can have your Big Fat Check mailed to you OR you can turn it into a gift card. There will be a list of stores to choose from; I usually choose Ulta so I can treat myself.

There’s one more way to earn extra money! You can earn $25 for every friend you refer! That money is sure to add up fast.

That’s all for today lovelies. To be completely transparent, I have included my referral link above but, here it is again if you’re ready to sign up now. Ebates I hope you love Ebates as much as I do.